Our Investments

We make investments in companies that have strong growth potential, create high quality jobs in the region and enhance our regional economy and communities.

John Hemmingson was born in a small town in eastern Montana in the heart of farmland, so supporting farmers has always been one of his core values. In Spokane and Whitman counties, Lakeside operates roughly 10,000 dry land acres, of which it owns about half.  Our crops include Wheat, Barley, Garbanzo Beans, Canola, Peas, Lentils, and Mustard.  Century Farms is our operating entity committed to farming practices that are driven by sustainability and profitability.


Lakeside recognizes the huge potential an aerospace cluster can have on a region, and we see that potential for the greater Spokane area. That’s why we seek out burgeoning and established aerospace businesses that also recognize the potential for growth in our region, and help them in their development. The more aerospace has the opportunity to thrive, the more opportunity for other industry to blossom around it.

Land Development and Residential Construction

Thriving communities need homes for both businesses and the employees who comprise them. That’s why we also invest in local homebuilders working to develop homes and neighborhoods that build community.

Commercial Real Estate

For businesses to flourish, they need quality facilities to call home. Lakeside owns commercial buildings in Washington, Idaho and even Kansas. We’re proud to say that all of our facilities are 100% occupied.

General Investments

Lakeside invests in the companies that stand to make a difference in our community. We select businesses that reflect our values, are poised to add quality jobs, and have a stimulating effect on education and the local economy. We’re proud to work with a diverse array of businesses and look forward to working with more in the future.