Lakeside Capital is committed to using its farmland in a variety of ways that produce strong returns, while benefiting the surrounding area. Our agricultural private equity funds are focused on dry land acre investment.

We are currently exploring lease agreements to broaden our portfolio and add more wind power turbines to our land, while still allowing us to farm productively. Additionally, we are exploring agri business private equity investments to integrate into our current operations.

New Project Announcements Coming Soon in 2020

About the Palouse Area

One of the most unique farming regions in the world, the Palouse is both a natural wonder and grain producing work-horse at the heart of Washington State’s $6.5 billion farming agricultural industry. Silt, left behind by dried up lakes formed through ancient glacier movements makes for a rich terrain of hills perfect for growing wheat, barley, peas, lentils, garbanzos, bluegrass and more.

Our agribusiness private equity focus is on preserving and improving the farmlands we operate in the Palouse. Maintaining this regions rich history of productive farming into the future requires responsible, conversation focused farming practices. These include:

  • Reducing erosion through direct seeding and no-till practices
  • Cover cropping in the-off season to further reduce erosion and moisture loss
  • Carefully managed crop rotations to maintain soil fertility
  • Use of natural soil amendments


Reilly D Roach
Reilly Roach
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Ross Jordan

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