Business Leaders

Ambitious Doers Driving Success

Each person below holds a significant role within a Lakeside member company, and collectively this is the group of people making it happen day-in and day-out. From land development to farm land management, the knowledge and expertise of this is as diverse as their backgrounds. What unites them? A constant focus on excellence and, of course, Lakeside Companies.

Ryan Beamer

President of Construction Operations | Architerra

Ryan leads Architerra’s homebuilding efforts overseeing the purchasing, building & architectural departments. He has over 25 years….Read More

Lisa Briner

Chief Financial Officer | Architerra

Lisa Briner is the Chief Financial Officer and General manager of Architerra Homes.  She brings 20 years of accounting, financial… Read More

Brandon Collins

HOA Manager | Architerrra

Brandon brings 8+ years of professional Home Owner Association management to his role at Architerra. He leads all HOA..Read More

Tyler Haug

President of Business Operations | Architerra

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful companies. He currently leads strategy at Architerra and… More..

Ross Jordan

Manager | Century Farms

Ross is a fourth-generation farmer who has managed our growing farm portfolio since its inception. He has tripled cost saving…Read More

David Leach

Director, Business Development | ATC

David Leach leads business development and commercial activities for ATC Manufacturing. He has 30 years’ experience… More

Brian Markham

General Manager | Markham Builders

Brian has over 40 years of experience in construction and founded Markham Homes, Inc. in 2003 which became a part of Lakeside in 2021. Read more…

Jason Merrifield

Business Development Manager | ATC

Jason is the Business Development Manager at ATC Manufacturing. a thermoplastic composites manufacturer…Read More

Rebecca Rodriguez

General Manager | EPM

Rebecca oversees Architerra’s rental property management company, Echelon Property Management. She is responsible for…. Read More

Reilly Roach

CFO Century Farms & General Manager Rainier Seeds

Reilly manages the agricultural arm of Lakeside as Chief Financial Officer of Century Farms and Rainier Seeds. He leads financial strategy…Read More