Lakeside Companies is a family firm that owns and manages assets across a diverse portfolio to help grow and strengthen communities in the Inland Northwest and beyond. 

Our Philosophy

When John Hemmingson founded Lakeside Companies in 1997, he set out to create a firm that was small and nimble enough to seize business opportunities as they arose, but big enough to transform our region by adding well-paying jobs and attracting industry. More than two decades later, Lakeside Companies management has built a portfolio that has made us a business leader in the region, while allowing us to devote both time and resources to meaningful philanthropic work. 

Today, our family of endeavors includes assets in real estate, agriculture, industrials, public equity and direct private equity. We are building world-class businesses and remain dedicated to sustainable growth and investments. 

Our History

Founded in 1997 by John Hemmingson, Lakeside Companies was always designed to transform our region by attracting industry and adding well-paying jobs. See our milestone moments below: