We are Lakeside Capital

Lakeside Capital is a privately held investment company in Spokane, WA working to make our community a stronger place to live and do business.

Our Story

Lakeside was founded by John Hemmingson in 1997 as a way to help foster growth in the greater Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene regions.

We’re small enough to stay nimble and move at the speed of business, but large enough to make powerful investments in organizations that are poised to transform our region by adding jobs, attracting other industries and contributing back into the community as we do.

Lakeside owns and manages assets across a diverse portfolio of commercial real estate, farm land, public equity, private equity and hedge funds. Our founder, John Hemmingson, remains the primary source of capital for the firm.

Lakeside does not provide investment advice or issue reports or analysis regarding securities to any other person.  All of its activities are conducted exclusively for the benefit of its owners.  Interests in the company are not available to any other person.  Neither this website nor any of the statements made herein should be construed or interpreted to mean that Lakeside is offering or selling membership interests or other securities of the company to any person.