Lakeside Companies Adds Associate Partners

Lakeside Companies has announced the addition of nine Associate Partners. This group of talented leaders support key aspects of Lakeside Companies and its operating entities, bringing a high level of expertise to their roles.

“We wanted to find a way to recognize and reward individuals who the Partners feel are key to our long-term success. We believe that people make the difference, and the Associate Partner designation allows us to build our future by investing in our talent today,” says Jerry Reed, CFO and Partner at Lakeside.

Additional Associate Partners may be added in the future upon invite from the Partners.

The new Associate Partners include:

  • Ryan Beamer – Director of Operations | Architerra
  • Lisa Briner – Chief Financial Officer & General Manager | Architerra
  • Darek Downing – Director of Operations | ATC Manufacturing
  • Gabe Gallinger, P.E. – Land Development Manager | Lakeside Companies
  • Bill Knapp – Land Development Strategy | Lakeside Companies
  • Maria Lusardi – Marketing Director | Lakeside Companies
  • Jason Merrifield – Business Development Manager | ATC Manufacturing
  • Reilly Roach, C.P.A. – Chief Financial Officer | Century Farms, General Manager | Rainier Seeds
  • Angie Rothrock – Vice President | Lakeside Companies