Video: Century Farms & Sustainable Canola Production in the Pacific Northwest

Canola is one of the main crops produced by Century Farms, a Lakeside company. Canola is a widely used but often under-recognized crop that goes into everything from cooking oil to livestock feed. In recent years, Canola has also become a key ingredient for renewable fuels and bioplastics.

Much of the United States Canola production happens in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). While we are known for our wheat production in the region, Canola is a highly complimentary rotation crop to wheat. There are currently around 400,000 acres in production in the PNW. Canola is also sustainable crop to grow and requires no chemical treatment to be processed – the oil is simple pressed out of the seeds which are 40% oil.

100% of the canola that Century Farms produces is processed by Viterra. They recently released the video below that talks about this important crop and walks through the canola production process. We are proud to be a part of this industry and excited to see this great piece that highlights the importance of canola: