Established Businesses


For owners and founders that want to exit a business, it’s about more than just the value of what you have built. It’s about what it could become. Unlike a traditional PE firm, we do not have a time horizon on our investments. Instead, we seek to partner with solid companies that we can help evolve into a better, sustaining version of what they are today.

Exiting is Never Easy. But We Can Help.

You want to leave, but you want to make sure the business sustains and grows without you. Finding someone to take the helm that won’t dismantle what you’ve built and sell it for parts while also adding value and transforming it to be viable well into the future is tricky.

Until now. Lakeside Companies wants to work with established businesses that align with our vision of:

Building Long-Term Value

We think long-term. We don’t sell assets to make this years numbers. We don’t seek a specific return in X number of years. Instead, we look for partners that we believe hold long-term value and we work to build that over time.

Adding Resources & Scale

A refreshed vision. An experienced team. Financial injection. This is what we bring to the table and add to your experience, existing business, and many years of specific industry knowledge.

Win-Win Partnerships

We never want to do a deal that makes either party feel they got cheated. Our goal is to find win-win partnerships that allow you to move on knowing what you’ve built is in good hands and allows us to bring a vision we are excited about to fruition.

Examples of Lakesides Successful Partnerships

Reliable Industrial Group

After a minor investment was heading in a poor direction, Lakeside offered to step in and actively manage the business. This has resulted in the asset becoming a market leader, adding a national partnership with Exxon Mobil and provided the founders with successful exits.

  1. Background
    Lakeside Capital was a minority investor in a struggling company, PetrolinkUSA (Petrolink)
  2. Challenges for existing owners
    After Petrolink posted losses more than $1mm for 2010 and 2011, Lakeside offered to take over operations in 2012
  3. Lakeside partner takes over
    With process improvements and new leadership from Lakeside, Petrolink turned a profit in its first year of Lakeside control and continues to grow and produce strong returns
  4. Adding additional businesses
    In 2018 PetrolinkUSA acquired two additional assets, Cogen Cleaning Technologies and Energy Services International (ESI) to form Reliable Industrial Group (“RIG”)
  5. Successful outcomes
    In the decade since Lakeside started managing the business, profits have grown substantially and RIG has become a market leader. In 2019, RIG entered into a long-term contract with ExxonMobil to be the exclusive provider of reliability and pre-commissioning services for its Mobil Serv network of lubricant distributors.

Rainier Seeds

Through Century Farms, Lakeside was introduced to Rainier Seeds, a producer of high-quality grass seed for pastures, construction, revegetation, conservation and more. The owner and founder was looking for a way to retire, and Lakeside saw an opportunity to streamline operations by in-housing the seed processing company while simultaneously expanding the local company’s reach.

Markham Builders

Markham Builders is a recent partnership that we have brought in-house. A builder of high-quality homes in Idaho, Markham’s approach to building houses and neighborhoods aligned with our vision at one of our in-house ventures, Architerra.

In addition, Markham’s owner was looking for a way to retire in a few years. After talking, adding Markham to Lakeside Companies made sense for both us and the owner.

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