Lakeside’s Future

Stay Nimble

Lakeside is ever evolving. We are an entrepreneurial family firm that takes on projects, partnerships, and initiatives we find interesting and relevant.

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Change is the Only Constant.

Lakeside is guided by the idea that evolution is the key to innovation and success. We are always thinking about the future; what it may bring and how we should change today to plan for tomorrow.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration can be a powerful tool when done correctly. From shortening supply chains, to controlling your own resources, we are thinking about ways vertical integration can improve specific businesses and industries.

Technology & Data

How can you leverage data and technology to drive growth? As data becomes cheaper, more accessible and more abundant, having smart strategies for leveraging raw information, extracting powerful insights, and remaining ahead of competition is imperative.


From cyber-security to national security, protecting our assets is increasingly important and difficult. Two primary drivers of future success or failure will be the ability to protect information and resources. This creates a driving need for innovate solutions.

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