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Level Up.

Whether you are trying to bring a new technology to market or have a small startup that you want to grow, Lakeside Companies can help. When you join Lakeside, you get access to the resources you need not just to grow, but to scale quickly to a sustainable level that truly gives you a chance to become a market leader.

See below for the specific benefits of becoming a part of Lakeside Companies and several examples of startups we helped level up.

Get to the Next Level, Faster.

As an entrepreneur or startup, it can be hard to grow as quickly as you need to be successful long-term. Balancing cash flow with growth while also figuring out how to do everything you’ve never done before is a challenge that many startups eventually succumb too.

Hit the easy button with Lakeside. We can provide the capital, experience, and growth you need to succeed.

Supporting Your Needs

Handing you cash without adding any additional resources and value to help you manage the growth and expansion you need just adds to your stress and burden. Instead, we work with you to support you with our team, resources and time as well.

Guiding with Expertise

As successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been there several times over. While each startup as its own unique challenges, the challenge of operational scale is always the hardest. We know how to help.

Injecting Smart Capital

We never make short-term decisions with our money or your assets. We are focused on long-term success for you and Lakeside. With this long-view attitude, we can be strategic with our investments and achieve sustainable growth.

Startups We’ve Helped Accelerate to the Next Level

ATC Manufacturing

We saw the potential in the technology when we met the founder in 2010. To bring thermoplastics to the aerospace industry would not be easy, but we knew it would be transformative. Lighter weight, stronger tensile strength, and recyclable, thermoplastics are a game-changer for aircraft, drone, and vehicle manufacturers.

With Lakeside’s help, ATC was able to fully invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are ISO9001, AS9100, and NADCAP certified and become a trusted supplier to some of the worlds largest airplane manufacturers.

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