John J Hemmingson
John Hemmingson

Founder & General Partner, Lakeside Capital Group

John J Hemmingson is a champion of the Inland Northwest and the Coeur d’Alene region. He has worked to improve quality of life for its residents while also helping to build a vibrant economy in the region.

Hemmingson is the founder, and head of the Lakeside Capital management team. His extensive business career includes work on mergers, public offerings, startups and spin-offs. John has created a diverse portfolio since the founding of Lakeside in 1997, enabling the addition of meaningful jobs to the region while attracting industry and serving as a leader in the business community. Hemmingson is currently the CEO of Architerra Homes and CEO of ATC Manufacturing.

Philanthropy and volunteerism are significant aspects of John’s life and part of the culture he has developed at Lakeside. From sustainable economic investments in our region, to supporting community development through education and advocacy, as well as a position on the Gonzaga University Board of Trustees, John’s vision for Lakeside is one that invests time, energy and resources to see our communities thrive.