• Lakeside Capital was a minority investor in a struggling company, PetrolinkUSA (Petrolink)
  • After Petrolink posted losses in excess of $1mm for 2010 and 2011, Lakeside decided to take over operations in 2012
  • With process improvements and new leadership from Lakeside, Petrolink turned a profit in its first year of Lakeside control and continues to grow and produce strong returns

Long-Term Impact:

  • In 2018 PetrolinkUSA acquired two additional assets, Cogen Cleaning Technologies and Energy Services International (ESI) to form Reliable Industrial Group (“RIG”)
  • In 2019, RIG partnered with ExxonMobil to become the exclusive provider of plant reliability and pre-commission services for its network of MobilServ lubricant distributors


In late 2011, Lakeside Capital faced a difficult decision. It had been five years since Lakeside had invested $3mm for a minority position in PetrolinkUSA (Petrolink) but the company continued to struggle. Petrolink had burned through its cash and its projected annual loss was $400,000 for the year, after nearly $1mm of losses in 2010. Lakeside could liquidate Petrolink’s assets to try to recoup its capital, or the team could take over operations and reposition the company for success.

Jason Bandy stepped in as President of Petrolink and began operational improvements. Petrolink reinvested in employee training as well as internal technologies for tracking project expenses. With continued emphasis on safety and better control of its costs, Petrolink posted positive results in 2012 and has continued to grow profitably.

Lakeside continued reinvesting in Petrolink and used two bolt-on acquisitions to expand its business offerings. In 2018, Petrolink acquired Cleaning Technologies (“Cogen”) and Energy Services International (“ESI”) to form Reliable Industrial Group (“RIG”). The transactions increased the scope of the individual businesses and provided the founders with successful exits as well as upside in RIG’s future. With the expertise and technology of the combined teams, RIG can offer pre-commissioning and reliability services to support the entire lifecycle of clients’ critical assets.

In 2019, RIG entered into a long-term contract with ExxonMobil to be the exclusive provider of reliability and pre-commissioning services for its MobilServ network of lubricant distributors. RIG’s strong performance and the financial support of Lakeside put the company in a unique position to support ExxonMobil’s clients as well as ExxonMobil’s internal infrastructure. The more difficult and less certain path continues to benefit RIG and its clients today and has become a Lakeside Capital private equity success story

employee working at RIG
Steam rising from manufacturing plant

About RIG’s Services

the type of plants RIG commonly services
Types of Plants RIG Commonly Services

Power Plants – RIG’s Pre-commissioning and Reliability & Maintenance solutions keep turbines, generators, boilers and other critical equipment at peak performance with high velocity oil flushing, varnish mitigation, lubricant analysis, lubricant contamination control, chemical cleaning, steam blows, gas line air blows, hydrolazing, HRSG degreasing, annual lube oil reservoir cleaning, hydrotesting, EHC flushes & more.

Refining & Petrochemicals Meet critical production dates and cleanliness specifications with your plants piping and rotating equipment. RIG’s Pre-Commissioning and Reliability & Maintenance Services include high velocity oil flushing, run-down tank cleaning, varnish mitigation, lubricant analysis, lubricant contamination control, chemical cleaning, steam blows, gas line air blows, hydrolazing, degreasing, hydrotesting, embedded lubricant technical resources & more.

Paper & Pulp Mills – Contaminant-free equipment is essential to uninterrupted production. From lubricant analysis, embedded lubrication technicians, bearing and return line header flushing, lubricant contamination control, annual lubricant reservoir cleaning, gearbox flushing, heat transfer lubrication system flushing, hydraulic flushing, lubricant reclamation programs, chemical cleaning to steam blows, RIG ensures your new installations, shutdowns, or emergency requirements are quickly & effectively managed.

Manufacturing Plants – Manufacturing environments require constant vigilance, from initial startup to ongoing maintenance. Extend equipment and lubricant life with lubricant analysis, embedded lubricant technicians, lubricant reclamation programs, lubricant and lubricant-related inventory control, breather monitoring and installation, varnish mitigation, high velocity oil flushing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, steam blowing and other pre-commissioning and reliability services.

Offshore – Keep your equipment running with RIG’s lubricant analysis, lubricant contamination control, varnish mitigation, lube reservoir cleaning, chemical cleaning, and other pre-commissioning services conveniently provided through our modular equipment that can be on-site in under 48 hours, worldwide.

LNG Loading/Unloading – RIG works closely with EPC, Equipment Manufacturers and Owners to engineer and execute Pre-Commission and Maintenance & Reliability Services. Choose RIG as your single source vendor for degreasing, chemical cleaning, steam blows, high velocity oil flushing, embedded lubricant technician program, lubricant analysis, varnish mitigation, hydrotesting, hydrolazing, gas line air blows, water line flushing & more.

Mining – RIG’s MSHA-trained employees are ready to customize your embedded lubrication technician program. RIG’s services include on-site oil reclamation, bucket inspections, varnish mitigation, oil flushing, lubrication contamination control, lubricant and lubricant related items inventory control, chemical cleaning, reservoir cleaning, breather monitoring and installation, and more. Call RIG today to customize your on-site lubrication program.