Operating roughly 20,000 dry land and irrigated acres in the Inland Northwest, Century Farms works to develop a strong farming portfolio in the region, and also create jobs to bolster the local economy.

Ross Jordan is a partner in our agriculture investments and has been operating Century Farms since 2012. He’s a fourth-generation farmer on the Palouse and manages Lakeside Capital’s private equity farming portfolio with an eye on both the best decisions for the land we farm and the crops we produce.

We are dedicated to fostering a strong future for the farming communities of the Inland Northwest. Part of the agri venture capital effort includes investing in the next generation of farmers by providing employment opportunities and bringing land ownership back to our region.

Why do we believe in investing in the Palouse?

  1. This is the most productive wheat producing area in the United States
  2. The Palouse can produce a large variety of other crops including hay, alfalfa, grass seed, chickpeas, lentils and barley
  3. We have close proximity to Portland, Oregon which makes freight to Asia highly competitive
  4. The Palouse is non-irrigated, making operating costs more predictable
  5. The land remains undervalued relative to comparable farm ground domestically and globally