Update on Triumph Composites Building

Our goal with this project remains the same; to find the best long-term use of the existing building and surrounding acreage that supports job retention and growth in the Spokane region. When development projects are done correctly, they provide lasting value that adds to the community, local economy, and the area for many decades into the future.

That kind of thoughtful development takes time to properly plan, and requires the engagement of research firms, local civic leaders, city planning departments, and more. As we progress down that engagement path, plans will continue to change and evolve.

Recently, two permits for doc doors and overhead garage doors were filed to add additional access around the entire east, west and south sides of the facility. The addition of these doors combined with some internal infrastructure changes allows the space to be divided into flexible suites that can shift easily with tenant mix and use cases. The scope of the current renovations is limited to critical site improvements and changes that add flexibility and accessibility. The existing building was developed for manufacturing and distribution and will continue to be used in that general capacity.

We made this acquisition during the pandemic when there were many uncertainties, including work patterns, supply chain interruptions, economic outlook, and more. Two years later, things look drastically different than last year or the year before which is why a measured approach to the planning and development process is critical. A full site plan is expected to take at least several more years to be complete.