New Co-Working/Co-Warehousing Project Announced

Part of the vision for the re-development of the Triumph Composite Systems plant has been shared by Lakeside Companies; a new co-working and co-warehousing space operated by Burbity Workspaces. This partnership will create a space to bring entrepreneurs together and develop new ventures, providing resources, office, event, and warehousing space for startups in a 28,000 SQFT hub.

Some planned amenities include:

  • Private offices
  • Team suites
  • Event center with moveable walls for flexible configurations
  • Cafe
  • Lounge areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Warehousing and distribution space

 “One of the big things we’re looking to do is create a strong incubator type of atmosphere, which I think plays into the co-working space and co-warehousing space and Lakeside’s ability to be involved in building an entrepreneurial framework of the area and be involved in those types of activities,” says Jason Kindred, Partner at Lakeside Companies.

This is just part of the plan for the Triumph site. The majority of the existing building will go towards more traditional uses for larger businesses, and the larger site has up space for additional buildings and uses. You can read more about our current plans for the site in this recent Spokane Journal article.

Example Imagery of Proposed Co-Working Space

Courtesy of Constructiv

Please note, these are preliminary designs and are constantly evolving