Annexation Request Submitted for Coeur Terre Development

Kootenai County Land Company, a company founded by Lakeside, has submitted an annexation request to the city of Coeur d’Alene for nearly 450 acres of the over 1,000 acre Coeur Terre development. Annexation is the first step of the development process; many details are still evolving.

The project is being developed in close consultation with the cities of Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls, as-well-as with input from the local community. An open house was held May 4th to garner public feedback. In addition, the project will include on-going research to better define a range of housing options that can best serve the area.

With all of the projects Kootenai County Land Company undertakes, the focus is on creating thoughtful, beautiful communities that bring long-term value to residents. Currently, the plan includes the following features that will enhance the relevance, beauty and usability of Coeur Terre for all:

  • A relatively low density with an average of 5 homes per acre to maximize community amenities.
  • A range of housing types and price-points, primarily single-family homes and also live/work units, such as urban townhomes and multi-family options.
  • 30 acres allocated to an elementary and middle school
  • Mixed-use commercial areas with ground-level commercial space, sized to serve the community.
  • Connected internal and perimeter trail systems that link to existing trail networks.
  • Multiple parks that may incorporate some water features (i.e. ponds), play areas, and other family-friendly features.

You can read more at or check out a recently published article about the annexation here: