Driving Aerospace Innovation: ATC Manufacturing & David Leach

As a pioneer in thermoplastic composites (TPC’s), ATC Manufacturing is driving change in the aerospace industry. Parts made from thermoplastic composites are light, high strength, and recyclable – all major benefits over current materials. But in order to replace current popular materials, new parts and production methods using thermoplastic composites have to be developed.

ATC has several in-house experts who have dedicated their careers to advancing the adoption TPC’s through research cooperatives, knowledge-sharing and strategic partnerships. One of those in-house experts is David Leach. David is a leader in the thermoplastic composites field, with 30 years’ experience in polymers, composites and adhesives. He has spent most of his career in thermoplastic composites for aerospace and high performance applications. He has authored over 30 technical papers, two book chapters and he is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Materials.

In 2022, ATC and David have been presenting at industry conferences on innovation in TPC’s. Some recent events they have been honored to speak at include:

Lakeside is proud to support experts like David and industry leader ATC Manufacturing.