Amplifying an Entrepreneur’s Vision into an Industry Leader

When John Hemmingson and Lakeside Capital Group invested in Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) in 1999, the company was an entrepreneur’s vision and a paper-based diagnostic exam for nursing education. In less than a decade, ATI expanded from fewer than $100K in annual sales to more than $23mm in revenues by 2007.

We invest with the purpose of growing communities and businesses. Read about Lakeside Capital’s Private Equity success stories below and see why we are one of the best private equity firms in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lakeside’s Active Management of PetrolinkUSA Investment Leads to Sustained Growth

In 2011, Lakeside Capital faced a difficult decision. It had been five years since Lakeside had invested $3mm for a minority position in PetrolinkUSA (Petrolink) but the company was struggling. Petrolink provides reliability services for a variety of industries. Petrolink burned through its cash and its annual loss was $400K in FY 2010. Lakeside could liquidate assets to try to recoup its capital, or the team could take over operations and reposition Petrolink for success.

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Transforming Undervalued Land Into High-Value Communities

In 2012, Lakeside Company saw an investment opportunity to purchase attractive land in the Inland Northwest/ Spokane region at a discounted price. The partnership knew that this easy access, in-town real estate would be tremendously valuable for future residential communities. Lakeside’s internal analysis and risk assessment team determined the best way to de-risk the land investment was to go vertical. 

curb view of a home built by Achiterra Home